Design Process:

Integrate. Architecture should be integrated into its surroundings, and integrated into the lifestyle of its occupants. I strive to design enContext.

Iterate. The process of design is very iterative. I enjoy working quickly through many big ideas on trace paper, then continue to evolve the design with my client(s) until we arrive at the final rendition.

Generate. In the end, we generate a new space: simple, functional, and beautiful.

I love shaping spaces, whether they are new or old. Please reach out if you would like to connect:

About Me:

Danielle Lynn, NCARB – Your personal architect!

I am an NCARB certified Architect licensed in Colorado.  I grew up in the Boulder County area, received my masters from the University of Colorado, and currently live in beautiful Lyons, Colorado with my young family. I thoroughly enjoy working on local projects and helping to shape my community.

I have over a decade of experience in the architecture field and also over a decade of experience in buying, flipping, and selling homes.  As such, I am versed in both construction and real estate which brings valuable insight to every job I touch. 

I enjoy working on projects of all sizes.  I can help with kitchen remodels, spatial planning, town municipal code queries, remodels & additions, new construction, and even act as an owner’s rep to be your liaison through the construction process.  See my full list of services for more…